Bridgestone Introducing New Truck Tires: Greatec M825

Bridgestone Introducing New Truck Tires: Greatec M825

New tires have increased resource that helps reduce operating costs per mile of run, Bridgestone says.

“Previous models of tires - Bridgestone Greatec Drive – had a great success. The new Greatec M825 wide base drive radial is deeper and wider , which increases the operational life - said Chris Hoffman, Manager, TBR & Retread Product Marketing, Bridgestone. Because Greatec M825 wide base tires weigh less than the dual assemblies they replace, these fleets may be able to convert weight saved into extra revenue-producing payload. It's the perfect choice for transportation companies that focus on the weight of their cars, for example for companies involved in transportation of bulk cargoes, because in their case, the truck reaches the limit of the mass when there is cargo space.”

The wider tread and very deep 29/32? tread depth of the M825 distributes weight and torque over a wider area for longer, smoother tire life, while stabilizing the whole shoulder area reduces the effect of lateral forces, which can lead to uneven wear. The stabilizing solid shoulder design combats side forces that can lead to irregular wear and a stiff, staggered tread block design resists “heel-and-toe” wear.

Straight grooves in the shoulder areas and optimized t groove design reduces the risk of stone retention and cracking of the bottom of the grooves, which enhances retreadability.

In the central tread grooves, casing-saving stone rejector platforms help prevent trapped stones from pushing deeper and piercing the belt layer, damaging the belts and exposing them to rust. Reinforced ribs in the shoulder areas
fight curbing damage, protecting the casing; if one side wears away, flip the tire over for continued protection.

Bridgestone Greatec are manufactured by Waved Belt technology, that helps balance stiffness and resiliency to provide a stronger, more stable casing that, in turn, produces a stable footprint shape throughout the tire’s life. In addition, construction of Turn-In Ply (that wraps the body ply around the bead bundle) provides increased flexibility and strength of the board.

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